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Oct 13, 2014


Oct 9, 2014


The County Administrator has responded to the PBA letter regarding mold at B.S.O.'s District 5 HQ. Members may read the letter here.

Oct 2, 2014

The October 2014 issue of The Broward Centurion is now available for download here.




B.S.O Members' Only Event:

An Update from the Sheriff's Perspective

November 18, 2014

6pm - 7:30 pm

Broward County PBA Hall

2901 SW 26th Terrace, Dania Beach

Refreshments will be provided by Aflac

Sept. 26, 2014


Read or Download the full report HERE.

Sept. 19, 2014

Representatives and Members,

PBA and BSO have been meeting on the issue of concealing visible tattoos on uniformed members with some type of garment. Colonel Dale and I have agreed to identify (6) members with tattoos to participate in a selection committee designed to test and evaluate garments which will address the objectives of the Sheriff’s Office. It was further agreed that BSO would provide the garment. Please contact Jeff Marano with the name of any member who has tattoos and wishes to participate in the process.

Sept. 19, 2014

Charlie Crist Signs

Pick up your Charlie Christ for Governor yard signs at the BCPBA office.

2650 W. State Rd. 84, Fort Lauderdale, 33312

Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F.

Our September issue is now available online. Click here to read the PDF version.

Sept 2014 cover


August 27, 2014


A Message from Matt Puckett, Executive Director, Florida Police Benevolent Association

The Florida PBA has a whole had good primary night.  I know everyone put in countless hours of additional time, money and sacrifice to campaign for selected candidates all across this great state.  We had great success and a few defeats.  To our victories, let’s rejoice and prepare for the next round.  To our defeats, let’s regroup and not lose sight of why we do this work in the first place. 

My wife sent me an email that she sent to a friend who suffered a lopsided loss last night and she quoted this great passage below.  It rings true and I hope we all take the time to reflect that we are in “the arena” and that counts regardless of the outcomes. 

Theodore Roosevelt gave this speech in France.  The passage in his speech is referred to as "The Man in the Arena".

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

God bless you all for what you do for this association.  I am so proud to be a part of the PBA.

Sincerely, Matt Puckett
Executive Director
Florida Police Benevolent Association

August 27, 2014

A Message from Nan Rich



In every election, someone wins and someone loses.  Yesterday was not our day to win.

Last night, I called Governor Crist to offer him my congratulations.  He will now bear the Democratic standard in a contest where nothing less than the future of Florida is at stake.  It will be a very tough fight to beat Rick Scott.  Charlie Crist will need all of our support to win.  He has mine.

I am very grateful to all the loyal and dedicated volunteers who worked so hard and for so long on our campaign these past many months. Your support meant so much me.  I hope you know, as I do, that the election results were not a rejection of our ideas or ideals.

As I traveled across our state these past two years, I met and spoke with thousands of Floridians -- thousands of working men and women, retirees, and students.  Not all of them were Democrats.  But almost all of them shared a desire for making Florida better by investing in education and making healthcare available for everyone.  The voters we reached believe in fairness and social justice for all.  These are all issues Floridians care about.  And they remain an important part of the dialog of this election.

I entered this race to defeat Rick Scott and get Florida back on the right track.  That is a goal to which I remain committed.

Tomorrow I'll be attending Democratic unity rallies in Orange County and Broward County. They will kick off the run to the General Election – the run that, with your support, will make Rick Scott a one-term governor.

Thank you all again for all of your support!

Nan Rich Endorses Charlie Crist
Nan Rich


August 20, 2014

Commentary – "Smoke and Mirrors"
by President Marano

Most of you remember BSO POWER-TRACK of NYPD COM-STAT where the brass can ridicule you and demean you in front of peers and subordinates. Well FF/FTF/BK/CQ/MB has brought the ugly sister program to HPD. It is being called The Problem Solving Initiative. Why are the stats low in your area, Lieutenant? Why have the accidents at this intersection increased, Sergeant? Why has the sick time usage by officers increased 820% on your shift? Why is officer morale so low?

Well here are some of the contributing factors DA!

1) Four of the current City Commissioners declared Financial Urgency and cut pay and benefits even though a state audit found other options and remedies available besides the extreme declaration of F/U.

2) As a result, members lost homes. Many were forced into short sales. Divorces skyrocketed. Senior Officers left. Crime went up.

3) The CM/CSR/KD, ran a Public campaign against the Membership disseminating factitious information to have the public vote against their own Police Officers in a referendum on 9/13/11.

4) Then CSR/KD hired a director. He was bounced by his police union and for (4) four years could not get a chief’s job–from Pinecrest to Lakeland–and who has more initials, nicknames and tags than any street gang in Hollywood.

Now you want to take away bid shift seniority from supervisors so you can transfer Lieutenants and Sergeants who are not buying in to your smoke and mirrors. Keeping members like JJF and MOOKIE where they are works just fine for the membership.

Anyone who thinks that The Problem Solving Initiative Meetings are not the prelude to POWER TRACK or COM-STAT does not know when FF is blowing smoke up your butt– even if PUD is holding the pipe when he does it.


July 31, 2014

Sad news...

Police killings by firearms are up 65 percent this year after a historic low in 2013 -

Job-related police deaths on the rise in 2014

Read More: Job-related police deaths on the rise in 2014 |

July 29, 2014


You can read The BCPBA's Proposed Bargaining Agreement to the City of Hollywood, and the response from the city.

From the BCPBA -

From the City of Hollywood -


July 28, 2014

2014 Primary Endorsements from The BCPBA

Representative In Congress  
Alcee L. Hastings (D) District 20
Ted Deutch (D) District 21
Charlie Crist (D)  
State House  
Bobby DuBose (D) District 94
Kristin Jacobs (D) District 96
Steven M. Perman (D) District 96
Joseph S. "Joe" Geller (D) District 100
Circut Judge  
Lynn Rosenthal Group 8
Dennis Bailey Group 16
Stacey Schulman Group 17
Steven Brian Feren Group 27
County Commission  
Lisa Kohner Aronson District 2
Ken Keechl District 4
Joseph "Joe" Gibbons District 6
Barbara Sharief District 8
County Court Judge  
Ellen A. Feld Group 18
Jonathan Kasen Group 27
Broward County School Board  
Felicia Mychele Brunson District 1
Nick Sakhnovsky District 3
Bob Mayersohn District 4
Laurie Rich Levinson District 6
Nora Rupert District 7

Vote August 26th!

July 18, 2014

Commentary – "Arthur"
by President Marano

I spoke to Cheryl last evening regarding an update on Arthur Monteverde. He has been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. He is currently at home and will begin chemotherapy shortly. Both Art and Cheryl are in good spirits. Please keep them in your prayers.

Monday night at the PBA meeting, Miriam Fernandez, Mother of Officer Alex Del Rio #2513, will be presenting this year’s scholarship award to the daughter of a BSO Deputy and PBA member. For those attending please be prompt to support this presentation.

"Papo" who was always on time will be watching.

July 17, 2014

Welcome Annette Taddeo to the Charlie Crist Campaign

From Charlie Crist:

I am so thrilled and honored to introduce you to Annette Taddeo, my running mate -- and if we do our jobs right, the next lieutenant governor of Florida.

Welcome Annette to the People's Team by showing her you're ready to win -- chip in $10 or more right now. -

(please under occupation put in LEO/PBA so that Charlie Crist knows he has our support)

Annette has lived the classic American success story.

She runs a successful business, is raising her beautiful family, and chairs the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. She wants to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at success.

She also understands that Florida families are struggling to pay their bills, raise their kids, and save for retirement. Just like you and me, she knows that under Rick Scott, life has just been too hard for too many people.

I asked her to run with me because I believe she will be an incredible advocate for Florida's families.

But I really knew I made the right choice when I asked her point-blank why she wanted the job, and she said: "Because I truly believe we can make a difference."

I am so glad to have her on our team.

Please help welcome Annette aboard by chipping in $10 or more right now:

God bless you,


July 17, 2014

The Plot Thickens . . .

It seems that the story of cops standing “behind” Rick Scott
can’t be left behind . . .

July 16, 2014

Rick Scott "featured' on CNN

Our editor notes that Rick Scott and the officers “behind” him, made it on to the News with Anderson Cooper, Florida, and even on to Star Trek.

Live long and prosper and read on...

July 14, 2014

From our friends at the Democratic Party...

Reporters -

Rick Scott spent all last week dodging your questions about his shady back room deals for All Aboard Florida and his illegal use of on-duty cops at political events.

This morning, reporters yet again asked Rick Scott to come clean about his misleading use of on-duty law enforcement:

1. "Did you really think that all of those deputies were off duty?"

2. "Did you think it was a problem to have on-duty law enforcement there?"

3. "You didn't answer that question. Should there be discipline?"

4. "Do you think it's okay for them to be there on-duty?"

What did Rick Scott have to say? Absolutely nothing. Four times in a row.

As always, Rick Scott is refusing to take responsibility for what happens under his watch. When Rick Scott can't even take responsibility for what happens on his campaign- when he can't even answer 4 simple questions - how can we trust him with 4 more years?

Click here to watch Rick Scott ignore the question FOUR times this morning...

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yellow ribbon
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If you would like to donate to help the family of Dillon Brooks please use the paypal link below.

If you would like to donate to Tyler Paquin, please use the paypal link below.

You can also can send checks to the BCPBA as follows:

Checks can be payable to BCPBA Hope Fund with either Dillon Brooks or Tyler Paquin written in the memo section and mailed to:

BCPBA Hope Fund
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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312



July 11, 2014

Follow up about uniformed officers at a Rick Scott Political Event...

Yesterday we talked about the presence of uniformed officers, who seemed to be on duty, at a Rick Scott event and the coverage it received all over the press. Today we have found out that we have made the news in even more media sources, read on at the bottom of this message.

But wait there is more; the democratic advocacy group “American Bridge” has made a video about this.

More Coverage:

July 10, 2014

Commentary – "King George or George Patton?"
by President Marano

First of all thanks to TMOFS, a Detective who called the PBA regarding the Class "B" mandate for suckers stuck working the Fourth of July. Members stuck working the 4th have been wearing shorts and a POLO shirt since Ralph Lauren was in second grade. Bad enough you have to stand a post in the heat and greet the Hialeah residents as they come on to the beach, but now King George mandates the only POLO shirt which can be worn is the Marine Unit issued POLO. Well that excludes 90% of the members working that day. The best part is he issued this DA decision on the second of July. Good Luck as it takes several months to get a uniform request filled. A member pointed out on this holiday while the rest of the country was home celebrating. The 4th of July is where the American Colonists declared their independence from Great Britain and their tyrannical ruler, King George. Finally the local King... the boy king allowed for other POLO shirts to be worn after the PBA spent two days on the phone and e mail with HR to attempt to rectify this insanity. Remember the previous 10-19 times when you had some spare time to fill out the Uniform requests forms?

Led by a brass band, George Patton had marched into and liberated Palermo, donned in his class "A" uniform. On the 4th our little General strolled down the boardwalk waving at fans attending the celebration, as any true politician would do. In all honesty the people he was waving to, he most likely knew as they too live in Dade County.

Attached is a copy of the postcards CSR/KD sent out to mislead the public and coerce them to vote against the members in the referendum. Please take a minute and show the propaganda to the new Officers at HPD to show them what the City is capable of.

You can see the postcard here -

The letter to the editor about the misuse of “crime mapping” was published on 7/9/14 in the Sun-Sentinel -

Also, I wanted to show you that we have been active in supporting candidates who are pro-law enforcement, and active in the defeat of candidates who are not -

Additionally, I made the public aware that officers who I believe were on duty, were appearing as campaign supporters for the election of Gov. Scott, this generated a lot of publicity. See bottom of page for links.

Membership Meeting(s)

Please be advised that there will be two (2) general membership meetings on the following dates and times:
1) Thursday, July 17, 2014 at IIAM
2) Monday, July 21, 2014 at 6PM

The meetings will be held at the Broward PBA Hall (located behind the PBA office) 2650 West State Road 84.

• Upcoming negotiations
• Profile of a professional law enforcement executive
• August 26 primary election

Reminder the first session for collective bargaining with the City of Hollywood is 7/28/14 at City Hall, room 215.

Reminder the evidentiary hearing for Goober is on 7/30/14 at 215 PM central courthouse.  

July 9, 2014

Membership Meeting(s)

Please be advised that there will be two (2) general membership meetings on the following dates and times:
1) Thursday, July 17, 2014 at IIAM
2) Monday, July 21, 2014 at 6PM

The meetings will be held at the Broward PBA Hall (located behind the PBA office) 2650 West State Road 84.

Upcoming negotiations
Profile of a professional law enforcement executive
August 26 primary election

July 7, 2014

Walk with us to support Joe Gibbons

Joe Gibbons was with us this afternoon, and your Executive Board of Directors (of the BCPBA) are going to be walking door to door with Joe Gibbons for the next 10 days to support his candidacy for County Commission (Dist. 6) for the August 26th Primary.

We are looking for volunteers with good shoes and good spirits to join us. His victory is very important to all our brothers and sisters at the Broward Sheriff's Office.

To volunteer please contact us here at the BCPBA. Send an e-mail over to or call and ask for Leonard between the hours of 12-4:30 M-F.

For more information about Joe Gibbons, visit his website

July 3, 2014

Commentary – "In case you had any Doubts and were wondering?"
by President Marano

Why in four years the Boy King, with all his KSA, was BK unable to successfully compete for a Chiefs job.

Or, why 85% of Miami cops voted "no confidence" on the CQ in 2008.

Or, why he would have anyone stand a traffic or foot post on the 4th of July in a class "B" uniform in the heat for an entire shift where no other Chief, dating back to before Independence Day was declared a national holiday would impose such a mandate on someone.

Or, why was the uniform mandate was put into place two days before the Fourth making it almost impossible to comply.

Or, why the PBA attempted to resolve the issue with City Hall without success.

See the mail thread (below at bottom)

HOWEVER after an irate telephone conversation with HR the PBA agreed that nowhere in the CBA or policy was there any clear language delineating "common sense” the PBA advised the stance taken by the Boy King clearly worked for the PBA.

Why, as it only evidences what an autocratic executive he is and a clear lack of leadership he once again has demonstrated. Remember he was the member on bike patrol wearing a bike shirt with another members name embroidered on it.

The mandate was modified and I assume HR had a chat with FF/BK/FTF/CQ/MB and suggested this decision was much like him...a looser.

BUT the BK can take an on view for an ARK.

The PBA asked for HR to look into two complaints, the Acting Major working off duty details and the posting of the notice in the lineup room relating to "audio and video surveillance".

HR stated that nothing precludes an acting Major from working off duty details (no matter how many holes he kicked in the wall) and went on to assert the Chief has the authority to assign anyone to work off duty. (NOT)

The posting of the notice was just a "Prank" and was taken down before she could investigate.

In driving through Hollywood Hills last evening and putting up Joe Gibbons signs I discovered the existence of only one, lonely ole Beam Furr sign in front of ...guess whose house...Mel Pollock, the Mayors appointment to the Police Pension Board. Thanks again Mayor!

Please review the Matt Lalla (below)letter regarding the mid-year update. See attached.

Tonight the PBA is hosting an event with Charlie Crist at the hard rock...keep your fingers crossed.

Matt Lalla Letter:

From: Matthew Lalla []
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 4:27 PM
Subject: FY 2014 Midyear Projections Based on Data Through April 30th

Mayor and Commissioners,
Please find attached two spreadsheets which summarize the fiscal year 2014 projections for the City's General Fund based on data available as of April 30th (7 month projections) – one before budget adjustments and one after budget adjustments.   As indicated in the first spreadsheet, projected revenues for fiscal year 2014 are anticipated to be approximately $7.797 million over the budgeted amount.  Projected expenditures are anticipated to be approximately $5.863 million over the budgeted amount (prior to several proposed budget resolutions), resulting in a projected surplus of $1.934 million.   The bulk of the surplus is attributable to the sale of surplus land to the CRA (approximately $1.3 million) and Red Light Camera program revenue (approximately $550,000).

The second spreadsheet reflects midyear projections after adjustments from budget resolutions (approved at the June 18th Commission meeting) which reconciled the actual audited fund balance to the budgeted amount and made other adjustments.  The budget resolutions also reflect the prepaid pension amounts for FY 2014 which were made during FY 2013 and included in the “non-spendable” portion of the audited fund balance.  This budget adjustment reflects the full value of resources used as part of the budget process and brings the City more fully into compliance with one of the findings included in the Operational Audit of the Auditor General conducted last year.  As indicated in the second spreadsheet, the net result of the midyear projections is a surplus of $1.934 million.

The budgeted fund balance for the City's General Fund at the start of fiscal year 2014 was $22.7 million.  Not including the portion of fund balance which is categorized as non-spendable, the audited fund balance for the City’s General Fund as of September 30, 2013 is approximately $2.0 million higher than the corresponding 17 percent fund balance target of approximately $28 million.   Based on the FY 2013 audit, the City has met its 17 percent fund balance target for the General Fund.

This midyear projection will be included in an agenda item for the City Commission meeting of July 2nd in order to facilitate the availability of this financial information to the public.  Additional midyear projections will be distributed as more actual data becomes available over the course of the fiscal year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Matthew Lalla
Director, Financial Services Department
City of Hollywood
2600 Hollywood Blvd., Room 119
Hollywood, FL  33022-9045



Mail Thread:

From: Raquel Elejabarrieta []
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2014 10:46 AM
To: 'Jeff Marano'
Subject: RE: 4th of July

There is nothing to resolve.  The policy clearly states that the department can choose the class of uniforms police officers are to wear while on-duty.


From: Jeff Marano []
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2014 10:01 AM
To: Raquel Elejabarrieta
Subject: Re: 4th of July

No the ridiculous uniforms they are being mandated to wear on the Fourth of July tomorrow. Please resolve as soon as possible?

Sent from my iPhone

On Jul 3, 2014, at 9:39 AM, Raquel Elejabarrieta <> wrote:


I have reviewed the SOP on Appearance Standards and it clearly states that all officers "will have a Class B uniform, readily available, in the event of a contingency requiring a uniformed appearance.". The same SOP further states that Division Majors "have the authority to choose the class of uniform required for Members under their Command." As such, the directive below confirms with the SOPs.

Sent from my iPhone

On Jul 2, 2014, at 5:48 PM, "Jeff Marano" <> wrote:

Sent from my iPhone

On Jul 2, 2014, at 5:40 PM, Raquel Elejabarrieta <> wrote:
I will review and call you tomorrow.  Anything in particular that I should be reviewing?

From: Jeff Marano []
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 5:41 PM
To: Raquel Elejabarrieta
Subject: Fwd: 4th of July

Please review and call me

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: FW: 4th of July


From: Nikki Coffin
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 3:10 PM
Subject: 4th of July

Please see the attached assignments for the 4th of July.  Also, I have confirmed-you are all to be in a CLASS B UNIFORM.  There is an option for a beach uniform, but from my understanding, no DB personnel has that uniform.  Therefore, please wear your Class B. 

Thank You.  I hope your shift is fast and uneventful. 

Lt. Nicole Coffin
Criminal Investigations Division

June 28, 2014

Commentary – "Jedi mind trick"
by President Marano

On 7/28/14 the negotiations session will be at 1pm in room 215 at City Hall in Hollywood.

FF shame on you!

Now we are not calling shootings...shootings but Signal 31...Signal 31/Aggravated. You are so clever.

See attached letter to the editor and e mail to patrol Lieutenants.
Great news from the property appraiser at the latest report of taxable value has increased from the June report. Why? The city based the growth on a conservative 4%.

The commission has one more meeting before the August break. They will set the mileage rate "not to exceed" at this meeting.
The Joe Gibbons signs will be at the PBA on Monday and we will start putting them up in throughout Hollywood, especially cop land (Hollywood Hills). PS The August 26 primary to vote for Joe Gibbons is now closed which means only Democrats can vote against Furr.

How and why is it closed?

Answer: a write in candidate for the same seat qualified. Her last name is Saffran...common spelling. She lives in the district however her home address is exempt from 119.

See the letter to the Editor here.-

See the e-mail here.-

See the taxable value report here.-

June 23, 2014

Commentary – "A true Politician-flip flop and remove foot from mouth!"
by President Marano

The boy king was recently quoted in the SS that the rape kits not being tested was NOT exclusively a Hollywood problem and recognized rape kits are not being tested nationwide. So now the political flip flop AFTER he threw the Detectives and the agency under the bus to attempt to discredit the former administration and the rank and file. If he would have done some research he would have found out how widespread this gap in the system is. Unfortunately it comes down to money and the victims are left out of the loop. Fabricating and planting evidence is not as easy as just putting a non-rebutted (untested) do0cument in to someone’s file and dropping a dime to the SS. BTW outside consul has already determined through PRR’s of City e mails that substantiate CSR/FF were untruthful as to when they became aware of the Callari memo. I know….shocking!

Attached is the SAN JOSE story and video. Sounds familiar?

FF/AKA “The Ring Master” has invited selected HPD members to “The Blitz”. Let’s see, you were entitled to an additional 2% and 2% the last two years of the contract. Then through financial urgency the City reduced your wages by 12%. Two years later you recovered 10% so you are still 6.5 % behind except for one chosen member, Frankie the Flaker. He has received two 4% raises which brings him from $135,000 to $148,000.

So now the circus side show, called the blitz, where the ring master will show the community how his troops can still do tricks without any treats. I see his motivation as he never has lost anything, except his job in Miami where the FOP sent him packing. As a reminder he is the only member of HPD who is 14.5 % ahead of you. Clearly he leads from the front as he is way ahead of you.

Remember that when he gives you the “take one for the team” speech.

BTW in speaking with a PBA member from the City of West Palm PD, who sat in on FF’s interview when he applied for the Chiefs job there, he indicated the BK came in second place….from the bottom. MB finished first in Hollywood as no one else was considered.

REMINDER….Wednesday at 1630 the Hollywood Commission will appoint a citizen to the Police Pension Board seat which is currently held by Dick Brickman. Blattner and friends are trying to remove him and replace him with a patsy; tea party type like Bober did with Mel Pollack. Stop the trend!

Please show up and support Dick.

June 24, 2014

Updates on Deputy Mello

The networks came to us yesterday to get the other side of the story...

June 24, 2014

Hey Hollywood, you’re not alone in forced overtime... Watch (and read) this report about what is happening in San Jose.

June 23, 2014

Commentary – "Driving in circles"
by President Marano

Ever feel like your days are spent aimlessly driving in circles? Check out this U-Tube video and see FF/BK/MD/FTF/CQ at play.

The PBA Attorneys and I have gone over the Hollywood Proposals 3 times and are in the process of reducing them to writing. Last week, I met with Raquel Eljabarita, the labor relations specialist from the City. The meeting went very well.  As requested, she will be providing the PBA dates the City is available for negotiations. Once we have that, we will be meeting with the membership and following the direction of the membership survey. In addition, the attorneys and I have some non-economic, common sense issues to also address at the table.

We have met and are waiting to again meet with the city on the tattoo policy.

Please Login to the site for Charlie Crist. We are asking PBA Members statewide for this small donation. When you donate be sure to put LEO/PBA in the box labeled occupation, located at the bottom of the form.

I would bet $151.636.80 (BK Miami Pension) that if you tested every rape kit, in every Police Department, in every state, in America you would get DNA hits and effect arrests. That would be a perfect world. However there would not be enough TV time for all the law enforcement officials to brag about those arrests. The difference is most Chiefs came up through the ranks and effected arrests as officers and detectives. Then there are the politically connected KA's who sold out and stepped on their brothers and sisters to get ahead.


June 23, 2014

The Florida PBA has Endorsed:

Charlie Crist, Democrat for Governor
Pam Bondi, Republican for Attorney General
Jeff Atwater, Republican for Chief Financial Officer                                   Adam Putnam, Republican for Commissioner of Agriculture
Here is what you can do to support Charlie Crist – Login to his site    and when you put in your information in the “occupation” option please put in LEO/PBA so that our candidate can know that we support him.

You’ll also get two nice looking pins that you can wear when you are out and about to let others know who you support and why.

Below is the official release from the Florida PBA.

Florida PBA's 2014 Statewide Endorsements

Tallahassee: On Friday, June 20, 2014 the Florida Police Benevolent Association Board of Directors conducted candidate screenings for Florida's statewide elected offices. 

The following candidates were unanimously endorsed:

Governor - Charlie Crist, Democrat
Attorney General - Pam Bondi, Republican
Chief Financial Officer - Jeff Atwater, Republican
Commissioner of Agriculture - Adam Putnam, Republican

Our process:
The Florida PBA Board of Directors interviews candidates running for statewide office by offering each candidate the opportunity to appear before our committee.  Our board consists of elected representatives from each charter and chapter of the Florida PBA representing over 24,000 law enforcement and correctional officers throughout our state.  Only candidates who appear before the board will be considered for our endorsement.  After all the interviews are complete, the board holds a nomination for each office and then conducts a vote for official endorsement.

"We will ask our members, their friends and families -- and all citizens in Florida who respect the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws, to cast their ballots in support of our endorsed candidates," ~ Florida PBA President John Rivera.

June 23, 2014

Update - Supreme Court: Public Employees Protected When Exposing Corruption

June 20, 2014

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that public employees are protected from retaliation when they testify in court about misconduct they observed on the job, a decision important to millions of government workers.

Public employees who are called to testify are protected by the First Amendment just as other citizens are and should not have to choose between “the obligation to testify truthfully and the desire to avoid retaliation and keep their jobs,” wrote Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
The decision clarified previous rulings in which the court has said that public employees have free-speech rights when they are acting as citizens, not when they are testifying about what they learned in their jobs or are required to speak because of their specific duties.

The justices said lower courts had read those decisions too broadly.
“The mere fact that a citizen’s speech concerns information acquired by virtue of his public employment does not transform that speech into employee — rather than citizen — speech,” Sotomayor wrote.
Stephen Kohn, executive director of the National Whistleblower Center, said the ruling “will have a direct and major impact on the willingness of public employees to expose corruption in government.”

View Full Story from The Washington Post -

June 16, 2014

UPDATE! - Our Press Release is featured in the Sun Sentinel -,0,3401019.story


Hollywood, Fla. June 16th, 2014 — Women are equal under the law, but are they equal under the leadership of the Hollywood Chief of Police? Recently, an e-mail was sent out with a “Happy Father’s Day” message to all of the Hollywood Police Officers.  No such e-mail was sent out honoring Mother’s Day, which would have recognized the hard working mothers who equally sacrifice time away from their families, and risk their lives to help insure public safety.

Beyond what might be considered a mere oversight, there has been continued contempt and a chauvinistic oversight directed toward female officers. On one occasion a female officer was asked if she cheated after she qualified on the firing range, which insinuated that women need outside help to do the same job as men.  At other times it has been reported that he referred to women present during meetings and roll calls as ‘her’ or ‘she’ rather than directly by name.

“The BCPBA is working to ensure that all members of the Hollywood Police Department are treated equally regardless of gender, ethnicity or any other factor,” stated Jeff Marano President, BCPBA, he went on to state that … “This type of behavior is offensive to both the men and women of the Hollywood Police Department and citizens of the City as well, it reduces morale and harms our City.” Mr. Marano asked the City Government to address this issue and make sure equality is enforced.


The Broward County Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization providing labor relations assistance and collective bargaining services for its members. The PBA’s mission is to promote professionalism in law enforcement and to protect the rights and privileges of individual law enforcement officers and civilian employees, as well as to keep citizens informed of the challenges facing law enforcement today.

June 13, 2014


Hollywood, Fla. June 13th, 2014
— According to a report filed by the Hollywood Police Department, the rate of “total violent crimes” has increased during the year period of May 2013 to May 2014 by 19%, and the violent crime rate in the city will most likely get much worse. During the entire year of 2013 there were 296 violent crime cases reported, and by May of this year that number jumped by 21% to 359 cases, and we have 6 more months to go. The number of “forcible sex offences” has skyrocketed by over 80%. If the crime wave continues along the same path, we are likely to see more than a 100% increase in violent crime in the City.

“In 2011 the commission was warned that the drastic cut in pay and benefits would result in senior experienced tenured officers leaving to work at other agencies. This surge in violent crime is a direct result of that exodus...” stated Jeff Marano, President of the BCPBA.

The BCPBA is urging the City Government of Hollywood to take the proper steps necessary to protect the lives of civilians, and bring Hollywood back to being the premier city it once was.

June 6, 2014

Commentary – "CUBA,CHINA, and HPD"
by President Marano

We have now joined the places where censorship and communication between people and others are deterred. Last week we attempted to send the survey via e mail and it took two days before the City, at the direction of FF even advised they would not distribute it and now some pog from City hall has indicated there is a policy, citywide which prohibits use of the City e mail except for City business. I guess the City Choir and bake sales are ok but not a simple communication with the PBA?

FTF is getting very good at hiding behind the wizards cape and having others do his censoring.

Yesterday we met with the city on the "visible Tattoo" policy. This was as a result of the PBA's demand to impact bargain. After much debate it was clear this is another directive from BK. Clearly tattoos are an accepted form of expression by the younger generation. Back in the late 80′s at Miami P.D. many Officers tapered their shirt sleeves to create the illusion of a large bicep on a slim but macho body frame. This was accepted there but many Officers chose not to tapper their sleeves and just eat dianabol. The PBA and Major G. Pyle will be getting together and examining some dri-fit material for possible alternatives.

The supplemental distribution, AKA 13th check which was one of the many benefits taken from the membership was a heated topic at Wednesday's commission meeting. Sheffel (Currently NOT at the City of Coconut Creek) CSR/KD attempted to slip through a resolution potentially changing the distribution. This benefit was created at the direction of the, then City Commission to help past retirees, especially widows. Sue Ellen Fardelman, the widow of Henry Minard receives a pension check of $420.00 per month. To put that in perspective the City of Miami Pension Fund distributes $415.00 a day to FF/BK/CQ/FTF/MB. Do the Math. See the body of an e mail from her below.

Thursday, Dan Abbott the City's appointed outside consul represented Mr. Goober, the consultant in court to vacate the default on the PBA civil suit for failure to disclose public records. The consultant never answered the complaint and Dan was there to ask for forgiveness and get out of the default. Abbott provided an affidavit from Goober pointing the finger at a miscommunication between him and Sheffel. The judge, not satisfied with the affidavit, set it for an evidentiary hearing where Goober has to personally appear and answer questions from the PBA attorney. Welcome to the party!

A logical question is why are taxpayers providing outside, expensive legal representation to a consultant who in his contract has a clause which specifies the opposite? Not very transparent Goober but your embellished stories about rape kits, dog bites and criminal behavior have served the BK very well to trash the members.

Once the PBA office has gathered the data from the surveys, a meeting with the membership will be scheduled.

BTW the Commission sets the not to exceed mileage (property taxes) in July then finalizes it in September.

- -

From: Suellen Fardelmann
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 9:30 AM
Subject: The 13th Check

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners:

Forty years ago a young Police Officer proudly wearing your badge booked a purse snatcher and headed out of the station back to his zone. As he stopped at a red light at the entrance to a mall he heard the crackling voice of his radio (better known as "second wife" realizing that little attachment would give him contact to the station no matter where he was or what he needed).

The dispatcher was calling for one of his fellow officers assigned to that area to answer an alarm at Mayor's Jewelry Store. This call was common since the alarm was located on the floor and was unintentionally tripped quite often.

The young Officer at the light answered through his "second wife" stating that he was closer to the call and would take it. As he entered the Mall and then Mayor's he had a smile on his face, but a hand resting on his 357 Magnum, now unsnapped and released from its holster, resting in a position that allowed him invisible easy access. He approached the Manager. It appeared there were only three other employees in the store. In reality, all other customers and employees were being held hostage in the rear of the store. The young Officer asked the Manager if everything was alright. The Manager indicated it was and the Officer said he would turn off tripped alarm. The Officer took one step forward and a career felon walked from behind the counter, put his gun to the young Officer's back and shot him at point blank range. One lone employee was standing nearby and caught the Officer in his waiting, cradled arms. The shooter said, "Drop him or I'll blow your brains out." Years later he wept in court as he retold how he was terrorized and had to drop him. . He could have taken the Officer with the other hostages. He just shot him because he was a cop.

Although in the hours to come, during rescue, transport to the hospital, in the Memorial Hospital elevator and during surgery, where he bled to death, while he was repeatedly revived, it was back on that floor where they drew the outline of his body at the crime scene that he prayed his last words leaning his head over into his "second wife" saying, "My God, I've been shot in the back. Help me.

That was your Officer. That was Henry Minard, my husband, the Father of 2 and 4 year old "daddy's" girls. But most of all you need to know that I am telling you this story because as our daughters and I walked the halls of the Department a few weeks ago we realized this was more than a generation ago. Through my eyes I believe this 29 year old young officer could have been any officer. His life was not taken, he GAVE his life as he was sworn to do. He protected you from two career criminals. The shot that rang out warned so many others that day to get out of the way and take shelter from a spray of bullets.

Hank represents all of the officers who have served and are serving you. I'm always happy at an Alumni Meeting to see one more "make it" without having to willingly make the supreme sacrifice for you.

So it comes down to this. You hire officers who swear they are willing to give their lives for you every time they leave their families to go on duty. What would that be worth to you for your own life, you son's, your daughter's, your wife's ? You list the benefits of the job when they are hired. One is membership in a pension plan. They know that you will contribute a percentage of matching funds after a period of time they have worked for you. In these days and times job benefits for insurance, retirement, etc count more than anything else. If the Pension Fund has good financial management it will grow enough to remain solvent and secure while still providing help for its members, retirees, widowers instead of stockpiling money like a bank.

Times have also changed in that in the past a widower received a portion of his/her social security check after the passing of his/her spouse. Just in the past few years that has been completely abolished. A widower has no benefit for survival after the loss of a spouse.

But I don't think I should have to list all the reasons to justify the 13th check. For me, I have a home bound ill daughter who has rarely even visited any of us for 12 years and we can't visit her or we will contaminate her surroundings. So our check has always represented a way to take care of our children, or part of what we spent on parole hearings and some other personal, tragic incidents related to what Hank would have used it for.

Just a short time ago we had the honor of attending your memorial services for our loved ones who gave their in the line of duty. I did not know how much controversy there was until a stranger mentioned it. The department was wonderful. The ceremony was amazing. We finally left our weight of grief there instead of bringing it back with us. I look at Hank's face there in front of the wave of the flag and see our daughters' close resemblance from 20 years ago. We can remember the good times now and bring our grandchildren to see these magnificent tributes. As far as the controversy goes, there was only a beautiful spirit of warmth of support and compassion that day. Please don't make that day just words and symbols by taking away the 13th check.

Please consider all of the officers and widowers when you take your actions today. I have sat on your side of the budget difficulties. I have never asked you for anything, even when I had no benefits at all. For you this is a line item in this balancing act of figuring out where to get the money to run the city, which I understand. But to us the 13th check means you have decided we do or do not deserve to have a benefit taken from us. After all is said and done every officer was sworn to be Henry Minard and every family must be ready for the End of Watch.

Kindest regards,

Suellen Minard Fardelmann

June 4, 2014

Breaking! - Press Release


Hollywood, Fla. June 4, 2014 – The BCPBA is calling for urgent action on the part of retirees of the Hollywood Police Department to demand that the Hollywood City Commission vote down a resolution being considered that would cut retiree benefits by ending what is called “The 13th Check.”

The City Commission will be meeting today (June 4th), beginning at 1pm to vote on resolution item R 2014-131 which, if there is a yes vote, will essentially end an agreed upon benefit that has been in place for many years and was part of the collective bargaining agreement that the city administration had agreed upon.

“Hollywood officers went through years of negotiations and reduced salary increases as a trade-off to receive better health care, pension benefits, and the “13th check”, which is not even guaranteed and is only received after a certain level of growth in the pension fund is met. A yes vote would be a step in taking away hard earned benefits and would be a slap in the face to retirees. If this becomes a yes vote, even current officers who are not affected by this action will never truly know if promises by the city will actually stand the test of time.” Stated Jeff Marano, President of the BCPBA.


The Broward County Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization providing labor relations assistance and collective bargaining services for its members. The PBA’s mission is to promote professionalism in law enforcement and to protect the rights and privileges of individual law enforcement officers and civilian employees, as well as to keep citizens informed of the challenges facing law enforcement today.


June 3, 2014

Commentary – "STATS (MIAMI STYLE)"
by President Marano

In March 0f 2008, after the Miami PD membership conducted a "vote of no confidence" on the Boy King and T$ (Timmony) a human resources consultant published their findings of a workplace climate study of Miami PD. See attached page 15 and tell me if you think it looks familiar? Click here for page 15 -

In the new Hollywood PD a member is guilty until proven innocent. This belief is clearly evidenced by the two command staff members, currently under investigation, whose photographs have been removed from the Hollywood PD website. We can see how throwing your members under the bus is still popular with FF/BK/MB/FTF/CQ even after he has had the GOOBER study shoved where the sun don't shine. The rape kit side show has really made him popular with BSO and the Broward Chiefs. FF does know how to make friends.

Speaking of stats the A/Minor was always a ZERO (0), the only four on views he had were the FOUR (4) signal 40's perpetrated by himself. BTW, he failed to mention he was a Mormon when he tried to be married to TWO (2) women at ONE (1) time. Hopefully his tongue doesn't turn purple permanently from over indulgence in Kool-Aid. We fear he is too far gone to the point as even he thinks he is in charge.

A grievance was filed after TMOFS advised the city failed to purchase additional batteries on 4/4/14 which created an Officer safety situation. As a result the City began to issue NEW RADIOS to the membership settling the grievance.

Yesterday we filed a grievance due to the Directors failure to distribute the survey via e-mail as provided in the CBA under Article 41.4.What could be his motivation for holding up the survey? Did it sit on his desk like the Callari memo did for months before he flaked it in to the personnel file, or was it around the same time the Callari file was scanned in to CSR's computer?
See the grievance here -

Also a PRR yielded negative results for any HPD motor unit training logs where CQ attended or any valid Police Motorcycle Operator certificate issued to the Boy King by any certified instructor.

On June 25 at 430 PM the Hollywood Police Pension board appointment by the commission currently held by Dick Brickman will be revisited. Dick has re-applied and we need to support keeping him on and not be replaced by a BLattner puppet. Please attend or e-mail your support to the commissioners.

Please review the court documents attached regarding the suit filed by the PBA for against the City and GOOBER. Outside consul has been appointed and apparently tax dollars are being spent to represent the consultant too.
See the documents here - and here -


June 3, 2014

City of Hollywood attempts to do away with the 13th Check

Click here for the link -

Below is the link to the City of Hollywood Mayor and Commissioners office.

Let them know you are Opposed to the Resolution 2014-131    (we want to keep the 13th check)

Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will see the section below to contact each one of them click the “E-Mail link” along with the phone number to their office


Contact the Office of the Mayor & Commissioners

  • Ph: 954.921.3321
  • Fx: 954.921.3386

May 13, 2014

Commentary – "Letter from the City"
by President Marano

Linked below is a letter from the City regarding the list of articles in the CBA the City intends on opening during the upcoming collective bargaining process. I believe the new Human Resources Director starts with the City on June 2, 2014.

TMOFS overheard several officers on the beach involved in a discussion about a command staff member who is TDY as a Major. G Sal came in on the debate late, however when the term "bigamist" came up in the conversation G. Sal quipped and said "Let's get some stats; you guys should stop being worried about a fog in Sicily?"

Click Here for the link -

May 12, 2014

Commentary – "Fumbles Fernandez makes Clutch Play"
by President Marano

Third string coach FF while leading from the front (lol) at the Police Appreciation day decided to ride the Police Motorcycle. TMOFS advised, due to his inexperience as a certified rider he should not be on a motorcycle, however he continued to use too much throttle and rode the brake too hard which resulted in a $900.00 repair for a new clutch.

In addition FF/BK is tops in members who have not yet electronically signed in for the policy and procedures as directed. Momma's boy leads the pack with 32. Click Here for more -

PBA attorney Rhea Grossman and others were victorious in getting the DAVID Lawsuits against members dismissed. However TMOFS advised the City of Hollywood who had one defendant/member who already paid the FHP Trooper prior to the dismissal. Click Here for more -

Why fumbles? Well a general employee who works at HPD was investigated by IA for theft due to allegations of factitious overtime compensation. The civilian apparently gave a statement and TMOFS advised some admissions of guilt were asserted. Well on date 107 of the investigation FF held a disciplinary hearing and was made aware that the AFMSCE contract has a provision where discipline must be administered within 90 days.

OOPS! The civilian will walk and FF has another offensive turnover.

The best is for last. Attached is a copy of a spreadsheet intercepted by The PBA. I do not know if this is a proposal, recommendation or the findings of another consultant but the raises for some City Hall peeps are off the chain. This is yet another morale booster. Read it and weep! Click Here for more -

One of the fab four, "Dick" Blattner had a discussion with a very senior Member who openly discussed the pay and benefit reduction of 2011 and how it impacted him personally. Blattner's advice was for him to leave and go to another agency. CLEARLY the plan is to drive the senior members out and brainwash the new officers. I guess that is why most of you still have an invalid Police ID card with Chad's name on it.

Those of you who are tirelessly whoring the community one on one about CSR/BK/ and the Fab Four are doing a GREAT job, Keep up the good work and keep the pressure on!

BTW I ran in to Tom Honan from Hallandale Beach this morning and he asked me to put a rumor to rest. He has no desire to come to HPD in any capacity. FF is still shopping for a #2.

April 30, 2014

Breaking! - Bill to force ‘private’ pensions fails, new public new state workers, teachers and county workers, can still join the state pension system!

More -

April 29, 2014

by President Marano

Attached is the city ordinance for the general employees' pension plan. Please go to page (5) article 10 and read the NEW language.

Keep in mind the City declared financial urgency in 2011, and reduced pay and benefits for two years, AND on September 11, 2011 coerced the Hollywood citizens to vote against the employees in order to drastically reduce the pension benefits of members who over the years made monetary concessions during the collective bargaining process.

Remember the public pre-referendum campaign headed by the City Manager/CSR to mislead the voters with skewed benefit facts paid for with the money they took from your pocket?

Or did you forget the misleading referendum ballot drafted by the City?

Remember the City Commission (currently the fab 4) indicated they had no other choice or option but financial urgency until the State Audit evidenced otherwise indicating the City had not exhausted all of its financial options?

Did you forget the several million dollars paid to the outside law firm to fight the organizations representing the employees which were also paid with dollars taken from you?

Well back to the attachment. Now the City who took pension benefits has drafted new pension language which seems finely tuned for a specific class of individuals. These must be very special employees as they only pay their contribution of 8% and an additional 4% fee for the PAST credited service. The other 88% cost to the plan goes on to the unfunded liability side of the balance sheet.

The punch line is this clause only affects one person, one employee, our City attorney Jeffrey Sheffel.

Most of all don't forget to BARF when you hear the new motto ARK.
P.S. How is the third string holding up in the game? I hear the score differential is razor-thin.

See the ordinance here -

April 28, 2014

Press release -

Hollywood Police Department’s consulting agency fails to respond to lawsuit.

Hollywood, Fla. April 28, 2014 - The firm of Charles A. Gruber Consulting, Inc. which was hired by Frank Fernandez,Chief of Police Hollywood Police Department as an outside consultant, has failed to respond to the lawsuit filed on behalf of the Broward County PBA.

The BCPBA’s attorney has filed a motion for a default, because the ‘consultant’ failed to respond to the lawsuit and failed to serve or file any paper as required by state law. In the earlier lawsuit, the PBA proceeded with a legal action to force the City of Hollywood and Charles A. Gruber Consulting Inc., to produce all of its public records for the period of time in which the consulting company has been a vendor and “consultant” to the police department.

“One has to question the ethics and indeed the validity of a corporation that fails to respond to state laws, and even the ethics and decision making ability of the individual or individuals who made the choice to use taxpayer funds on that firm.” ... Stated Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano.

President Marano continued, “While the brave police men and women who work in an understaffed department in a dangerous city risk their lives to protect our citizens have their professionalism unjustly criticized, the Mayor and Chief of police support a bogus ‘consultant’ who refuses to follow state laws. Something here has to change. We filed this lawsuit so the city government could re-consider the contract with this vendor and the treatment of our police force.”


The Broward County Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization providing labor relations assistance and collective bargaining services for its members. The PBA’s mission is to promote professionalism in law enforcement and to protect the rights and privileges of individual law enforcement officers and civilian employees, as well as to keep citizens informed of the challenges facing law enforcement today.

April 17, 2014

Commentary – 10-43
by President Marano

The recent initiative has certainly stirred up some banter around town. Some unexpected individuals have reached out with comments, suggestions and support. We realize our tactics may be construed as over the top and risky, however so is your chosen profession.  

See us on the news – links below

Linked are some of the actions taken by the PBA on your behalf. The meningitis and expired tags issue were resolved via e-mail with CSR and HR.

Link #1 - Grievance-Fire Hazard -

Link #2 - Uniform-Standards -

The City continues to spend the money taken from your pocket during 2011 F/U wisely by hiring outside consul to litigate the civil suit filed by the PBA against the City and the Goober consultant for the public records claim. The lawyer is Dan Abott who is the former Hollywood city attorney and now works for Weiss and Serota. The same law firm Jamie Cole works for who is the former, former city attorney who now also works for Weiss and Serota. The current city attorney, Jeff Sheffel was previously employed by Weiss and Serota and the new attorney who will be tasked with labor negotiations comes to our lovely city from Weiss and Serota. 

Does anyone have the computer skills do a flowchart?

Hi Elizabeth please call!

TV News Story Links!/on-air/as-seen-on/Billboard-Claims-Hollywood-is-Murder-Capital-of-Broward/255268321

.April 15, 2014

We’re in the NEWS again! The “High Crime Area” signs and banners have been noticed by the press, you can see more of the story here -!/on-air/as-seen-on/Billboard-Claims-Hollywood-is-Murder-Capital-of-Broward/255268321

The billboard is located at 52nd and Pembroke

April 14, 2014

Press release -


Broward County, Fla. April 14, 2014 – All over the city of Hollywood, signs stating “City of Hollywood High Crime Area, Thanks Chief Fernandez!” have mysteriously appeared. They are visible in the front yards of homes, on a billboard, and even as a banner being towed by plane.

This recent public awareness campaign, while receiving the moral support of the BCPBA, has not received any donations or funding from the BCPBA. A group of retired Hollywood Police Officers is behind this effort.

“Vacancies in the Hollywood police department are at an all-time high, and morale is at an all-time low, due to the policies put in place by Chief Frank Fernandez and the City Government. Crime is going up because there simply are not enough trained officers to adequately patrol the city. After the City decided to change its salary and pension benefits, lowering salaries by over 18%, the City lost many of its best officers, and those who stayed on, as well as new officers have little faith in the City’s newest promises or the leadership of the Hollywood Police.” Stated BCPBA President Jeff Marano.

He continued… “What these retirees are doing is a last ditch desperate effort to save the City of Hollywood from descending even lower. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think the City of Hollywood needs to re-evaluate its relationship with the brave men and women who are out on the streets protecting the citizens of Hollywood.”

April 11, 2014

Commentary – Capitol Report
By Matt Puckett, Executive Director

Please watch the following video discussion with PBA's Director of Research Ken Kopczynski on Local Pension Legislation.

This discussion is exclusively on municipal pension legislation (SB 246 and SAC 4).

Click here to watch -

If you have questions, please call Matt Puckett at 1-800-733-3722.

April 11, 2014

Commentary – Capitol Report
By Matt Puckett, Executive Director

Weekly Wrap Up: For the Week Ending April 11, 2014
Please watch the following video discussion with PBA's Director of Research Ken Kopczynski on this week's legislative activity.

1) FRS Proposals
2) House and Senate Budgets
3) Municipal Retirement
4) Old Capitol Monuments

Click here to watch -

Thanks to our membership from Dade County and FDLE for joining us in Tallahassee.

April 9, 2014

News Alert
Watch this NBC report to learn more about Florida Pensions -

April 4, 2014

Commentary – Capitol Report
By Matt Puckett, Executive Director

Weekly Wrap Up: For the Week Ending April 4, 2014

Please watch the following video discussion with PBA's Director of Research Ken Kopczynski on this week's legislative activity.

1) House releases a FRS Proposal - PCB SA 14-02

2) House and Senate Budgets

Click here to watch -

Thanks to our membership from Broward, Dade, Palm Beach and NW Florida PBA for joining us in Tallahassee.

March 28, 2014

Commentary – Mookie, is she talking about you?
by President Marano

The PBA was in receipt of an e-mail from CSR/KD to a citizen who complained about comments made about Major Sanchez. First before even speaking to the Major CSR assumes the citizen is telling the truth and apologizes for the comment. This is very typical of CSR and FF who firmly believe the agency is corrupt. If you read the attached e-mail she states the vast majority of officers have turned the page. One commissioner felt she should get her hearing and eyes checked as the manager continues to fail to see or hear the concerns or issues of the PBA membership.

We picked up several new sign locations in district one today and one of the big ticket items goes up the first week of April. This is a new message that City Hall will really enjoy.

One of the HPD message boards broadcasting "Highly Patrolled Area" was scheduled to be relocated this week. Unfortunately when the member backed up the truck to move trailer he was unable to do so as the trailer hitch had been stolen. NOT so heavily patrolled I guess.

If anyone who has accepted the fact that on 9/13/11 the Commission and Manager took your pay, gutted your pension, and brought in the Boy King to convince you to turn the page please feel free to let the PBA know so we can count you out and add your name to the managers list of the vast majority.

A copy of the e-mail is below...

HPD still has the highest vacancy ratio.
(See the chart on the bottom of this post.)
From: Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 6:30 PM
Subject: RE: Major Sanchez's comment about City Politicians is disturbing

Hi Mr. Sutton. I am catching up on emails and appreciated yours sent bright and early this morning. I appreciate your suggestion that we summarize and circulate the points raised in New Horizons for the benefit of our employees. In fact, I am copying XXX to ask that she include the New Horizons on our employee intranet page to assist in the dissemination of information. As for Major Sanchez’ comments, while clumsy, I don’t think he intended any disrespect but I apologize for how it came out. I believe the vast majority of the Police Officers have turned the page to progress, including Major Sanchez. I am glad you like the CCTV program and we look forward to setting it up city-wide once the pilot has been tested and proves fully operational. (We learned what South Florida’s heat and humidity can do to technology in the past so we don’t want to repeat history.) Thanks again, Cathy

From: XXX
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 7:18 AM
Subject: Major Sanchez's comment about City Politicians is disturbing

I wrote an e-mail last week inquiring about the use of the CCTV's and other public safety programs being experimented within the city to deter crimes. Make no mistake that I support such actions as I have personally being a victim two times in the past 2 years with vandalism to my property.

Having said that, it is disturbing that there is an attitude in the police force that still exists between the police force and our city administrators that does nothing to help the city or reduce the friction between the two elements. Comments were made yesterday in response to my earlier inquiry about the CCTV and other programs by Major Sanchez that give cause for concern that friction is still rampant between the city and our police force. Statements were made that "I don't pay attention to what the politicians say or do”. The statement was made in reference to the Mayor's and City Manager's article in the New Horizon's newsletter. Not only should attention be given to what our mayor, city manager and commissioners are saying but without a doubt all city employees should be fully aware of what is being said, planned and initiated by the city administrators. The statement by the Major is disturbing in the sense that there is still an attitude that I will go my own way and do what I want to do without regard to the wishes or opinions of the administrators.

Did this comment reflect the still existing problems between the City administrators and the police union? Is it the same continuing problem that we discussed a year and half ago when my car was vandalized and the officer stated that the police can only do so much because they received an 18% pay cut?

I had hoped that the problems between the police union and the city administrators had been resolved to the acceptance of both parties but this latest dialogue does not give me any vote of confidence that a peaceful resolution has been reached.

I am writing this e-mail in hopes that these issues can be quickly addressed and resolved so that all residents can have confidence in our police force and that they will in the future give 100% to ensure the safety of it residents.

I look forward to your response noting any corrective action that is taken to prevent a recurrence.

City Sworn - Vacancies - Vacancy Factors

Coconut Creek - 94 -1 - 0.94
Pembroke Pines 231 - 6 - 2.6
Davie PD 184 - 7 - 3.8
Hallandale 99 - 0 - 0
Ft. Lauderdale 572 - 14 - 2.73
BSO 1196 9 - 0 - .753
Hollywood 314 - 15 - 4.78

*Hollywood continues to maintain the 20 frozen positions 334 in the FY 2014-15 budget.

*BSO has 22 certified reserve officers slotted for those 9 vacancies.

March 26, 2014

News from the Florida PBA

Quotas~Performance Evaluations

The Florida PBA has received statewide news coverage of our efforts to remove what we deem to be quotas from the new SMART evaluations. Please click below to watch the news coverage.

Update: FHP, FDLE Special Agents & State Law Enforcement pay raise

The House of Representatives' budget has a 5% across-the- board pay raise for all three bargaining units: FHP, State Law Enforcement Officers and FDLE Special Agents.

(a) Effective July 1, 2014, from the funds in Specific Appropriation
1981, $2,250,000 from the General Revenue Fund and $8,510,000 from trust funds are provided to fund competitive pay adjustments of five percent on each employee's June 30, 2014 base rate of pay, to unit and non-unit employees of the Law Enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol, and Special Agent bargaining units.

We still have more than a month to go, but this is a great start.

March 25, 2014

Commentary – Command Staff
by President Marano

If you think you have it bad, how would you like to be a member of the Command Staff who was not promoted by the Boy King? Could you imagine having to sit there and listen to this guy? How would you feel if you gave Momma's boy sound advice and he did just the opposite? It must be frustrating.

Enter the outsider. Hoople Honan from Hallandale has told anyone who will listen that FF has offered him a position at the Hollywood Police Department on staff because he does not trust anyone currently on staff. How can anyone trust a Chief who is constantly untruthful?

If you think Frankie the Flaker is sharp wait until you meet Honan. Also, the odds on Guzman from Miami just went down (7 to 5.)

The PBA has received information that live entertainment has been secured for the next command staff promotion party. Yes, "Pauli the wall and the mudpatchers" will be playing their new hit single "I'll marry you too!"

Attached is a lawsuit filed by the PBA on Monday.

Click here to read - Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-01-Civil Cover Sheet -

Click here to read - Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-02-Complaint -

Click here to read - Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-03-Exhibits -

Click here to read - Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-04-Exhibits -

Click here to read - Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-05-Exhibits -

Click here to read - Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-06-Exhibits -


March 24, 2014

Commentary – Thanks Mayor!
by President Marano

What a nice letter the Mayor put out yesterday. I assume he thought most of you have forgotten September 13, 2011, the referendum vote. Where is the correspondence concerning your pension he voted to take away, your short sale or loss of your home? Did he forget to mention his reckless spending and poor decisions which resulted in financial urgency or the pay cuts which drove our brothers and sisters in blue to other agencies? Sure he supports the Boy King. After you connect the dots, CSR/KD slit the former manager’s throat, stepped in and did the dirty deed by gutting pay and pension, then brought in the Boy King, a Miami crony, to starve the current Chief, because he was not "on the team". Now the fist in the velvet glove is here to have you conform and move on.

The city just this week had their budget retreat to disseminate a tale of woe about FY 2014-FY 2015. This is a pre message for negotiations to cry the blues again.

Yesterday at the Hollywood Commission the tea party fell a little short. Peppermint Patti Aaseff indicated that 50 people from her District would there to support Momma's boy. Well she about 35 short. These tea party residents basically said we overwhelmingly voted against you on 09/13/11, took your pay and pension and now want you to capitulate to the Chief who came in to the agency via the back door.

BTW Davie has 184 sworn with 7 vacancies, FLPD has 512 sworn with 14 vacancies and Pines has 231 sworn with 6 vacancies.

I am still checking around with other agencies.

Also belated congrats to the members who were promoted. FF has the PBA off the notification list. I asked for a copy of the announcement on Monday and still have not yet received it. Could it be it is still on FF/BF/MB/FTF'S desk or possibly in Callari's personnel file?

March 17, 2014

Commentary – Get the message?
by President Marano

On Wednesday at the city commission meeting, CSR/KD will be rallying the troops to support the boy king. District #1 Commissioner Patricia Asseff who is the fourth vote, has had all the resources dedicated to her district to keep her happy. She too is soliciting the lakes flakes for support at 5 pm.

The Mayor has said this year is going to be the most difficult budget year we have ever had. This means collective bargaining is going to be another pipe dream this year.

The message is clear for those who are stuck or chose not to leave. THEY voted against you, reduced your workforce, slashed your salaries and gutted your pension. They believe you should perform at the same level for less money and with fewer Officers. Now we are going to rally around the city manager and momma's boy, so we can continue to keep you in your place.

For new people the low wages and bare bones pension are as good as you are going to get.

March 17, 2014

Commentary – Gerber's on view
by President Marano

Last week the Command Staff bike patrol led by the Boy King was on routine patrol on the east side of Hollywood (where else?). In violation of policy 101. Frankie the Flaker was wearing Sergeant Gerber’s uniformed bicycle shirt and was riding point when he on viewed a burglary in progress. A rare event since crime is down in Hollywood.

Momma's boy saw a black male flee from a truck parked in the street in to a yard. CQ quickly set up a perimeter using the command staff and contained the would-be culprit. The owner of the residence was subsequently contacted and apprised of the crime occurring on the property. 

Once the black male was apprehended a bring to was conducted by these aggressive crime fighters where the resident identified the perpetrator as "The sprinkler repair man."

When the repair man was asked why he ran in to the yard from the street the repair man indicated that a sprinkler head had popped off and he was running to the head to cap it off. 

Yes the younger officers can learn a lot from FF, however most of the senior members can tell the difference between a Burglar and a sprinkler repair man.

March 14, 2014

Commentary – Phase 2 District 1
by President Marano

Attached are yard signs which are being placed in District one. Only a very limited number have been distributed but they have gotten some residents and KD to have an issue with their panties being in a wad. If you think a 90 minute flyover caused some anger, the signs should definitely get their attention. WE need some more locations in District one so please call us with any additional residents who want to pitch in.

Also, the City was unable to settle the grievance on the Callari Memo. The PBA has sent a letter requesting arbitration. At the last meeting I suggested the City polygraph FTF and other suspects to see who called the media, however my suggestion was not well received. Apparently after FTF finally admitted to directing the unexecuted and unvetted memo be placed in Callari's file the City has no interest in disclosing the tipster. See attached.

There was a Mel Pollack sighting at City hall where he apparently had an hour-long conference with the Mayor. Pollack is the Mayor's new appointee/agent/snitch on the HPPB (pension board).

I was in Tallahassee this week and Hollywood Government are still the class clowns in politics.

We were able to confirm the improvements to the gym were exclusively paid for by FM Foley (facemask) through his very generous $2500 dollar donation. Thanks JoJo but the brass has taken the credit. Shocking!

CSR/KD has been sniffing around for Wednesday's commission meeting. She has been gathering information on how much money has been spent on the police department. Cars, building classrooms, mold, and other expenses. All those expenses and the overtime have been paid with money the City stole from you.

See the Callari Grievance here -

See the yard sign photo here -

March 11, 2014

Read our Letter to the Editor, posted today in the Sun-Sentinel Opinions Section!

No checks and balances for bad police chiefs

By Jeff Marano

March 11, 2014

Many years ago the Florida Department of law enforcement and the Florida Criminal Justice, Standards and Training Commission put in place a process to track and address misconduct of certified law enforcement officers throughout the state.

Prior to the mandatory reporting of misconduct by the agency, officers who were guilty of anything — ranging from brutality to violations of moral turpitude — were given the option of resigning with no documentation in their personnel file. The agencies benefited by not having to litigate the dismissal and avoided the public embarrassment of the officer's actions. The officer would simply move on to another agency and continue the same behavior until he or she was caught again.

To stop these officers from going from department to department the state enacted mandatory guidelines for reporting police misconduct. Now an officer has to appear before the commission (CJSTC) for a decertification hearing, which often results in losing their ticket.

Unfortunately, there is no such process for weeding out bad chiefs. They go from department to department, state to state and destroy great agencies. They look exemplary on paper and interview well. The truth is while coming up through the ranks, their agencies send them to schools and seminars to get them out of the building. They get credentials and certificates that would impress any lay person.

In time they become dictators. Their autocratic leadership destroys morale and sends members into flight or retirement. They promote subordinates who tell them what they want to hear and now the rank file has to live with these supervisors after the bad chief moves on. While they are finding a place to land, other bad chiefs throw them a bone and let them teach a class or issue a report as a consultant.

March 11, 2014

We have been featured in the Sun-Sentinel Opinion Section!

Trust shaken, reform needed in Hollywood Police Department

Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

6:32 p.m. EST, March 7, 2014

One Hollywood police officer struck a hospital patient in the torso and mouth for sticking his leg off a gurney. Another unleashed a K-9 dog on a bicyclyst for riding at night without a light. And one man was so badly beaten that he had to have a metal plate implanted under his left eye.

The first two incidents are cited in a blistering audit of the Hollywood Police Department's use of force in 2012 and 2013. The review found police officers underreport their use of force, and when reports are made, they are routinely incomplete, inaccurate and lack sufficient evidence to determine whether use of force was justified.

As for the case of the badly beaten suspect, his false-arrest lawsuit cost city taxpayers $195,000 to settle.

The culture of the Hollywood Police Department continues to appear seriously troubled, and citizens, visitors, business owners and local politicians have real reason to worry.

Citizens grant police officers the privilege to carry guns and exert enormous power over us to enforce the laws of a civilized society.

But with that power comes a duty to follow the rules.

And an ongoing audit paints a picture of a department that operates outside the lines.

The good news is that Hollywood's relatively new police chief continues to look under the rug and expose alarming practices allowed to fester too long. Since assuming the top cop job in August, Chief Frank Fernandez remains committed to reforming a department with a troubled past. He started by hiring an outside consultant to examine various divisions within the department.

Police union leaders, on the other hand, call the review a witch hunt instigated by a chief trying to bolser his reputation. "Fernandez has a hired gun brought in to make the former administration and the agency look bad," police union president Jeff Marano told the editorial board this week. "That's all this is."

What should more trouble Marano is that the audits keep finding dirt alarming to citizens.

First, the audit by Charles Gruber, a former police chief based in Illinois, found 94 untested rape kits sitting in an evidence room refrigerator, some dating back to 2005. Next, he raised questions about two high-ranking officers altering or destroying Internal Affairs reports that involved themselves or their friends. Both were relieved of duty in September after the Broward State Attorney's Office placed them under criminal investigation. Marano said the audit didn't show Hollywood had "more or less problems than other departments."

The third leg of the audit, completed in December and reported by Sun Sentinel staff writer Susannah Bryan this week, exposes troubling issues with the department's use of force.

"Supervisors told us that if someone is punched in the face by an officer and there is no injury, there would be no use-of-force investigation because there is no injury," Gruber wrote in his audit. "This would cause a significant under-reporting of use of force."

As one example, the case of the bicyclist without a light, who was fired upon with a Taser and later bitten by a police dog for refusing to stop, should have been referred to Internal Affairs, Gruber wrote.

When Hollywood officers do file use-of-force reports, the audit says many are incomplete. It's not clear, for example, how the off-duty officer hit the hospital patient: Was it a light slap? A close-fisted punch? The report simply does not say.

Too many reports lack detail, which makes one wonder: are Hollywood police using force with impunity?

The audit makes clear that to regain the public's trust, Fernandez needs to make fast change at the Hollywood Police Department.

Copyright © 2014, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

March 7, 2014

Press Release - No checks and balances for bad police chiefs

Broward County, Fla. March 7, 2014
– Many years ago the Florida Department of law enforcement and the Florida Criminal Justice, Standards and Training Commission put in place a process to track and address misconduct of certified law enforcement officers throughout the state.

Prior to the mandatory reporting of misconduct by the agency, often times officers who were guilty of anything ranging from brutality to violations of moral turpitude were given the option of resigning with no documentation in their personnel file. The agencies benefited by not having to litigate the dismissal and avoided the public embarrassment of the officer’s actions. The officer would simply move on to another agency and continue the same behavior until he or she was caught again.

To stop these officers from going from department to department the state enacted mandatory guidelines for reporting police misconduct. Now an officer has to appear before the commission (CJSTC) for a decertification hearing which often times results in losing their ticket.

Unfortunately, there is no such process for weeding out bad Chiefs. They go from department to department, state to state and destroy great agencies. They look exemplary on paper and interview well. The truth is while coming up through the ranks, their agencies send them to schools and seminars to get them out of the building. Then they get credentials and certificates which would impress any lay person.

In time they become dictators. Their autocratic leadership destroys morale and sends members in to flight or retirement. They base promotions of subordinates who tell them what they want to hear, and now the rank file has to live with these supervisors after the “Bad Chief” moves on. While they are finding a place to land other “Bad Chiefs” throw them a bone and let them teach a class or issue a report as a consultant.

The fact is the only gatekeeper for the “Bad Chief” is a strong Police Union which continues to document the retaliation, mistreatment, and lies perpetrated by the executive until the public and elected officials have had their fill of the “Bad Chief”


The Broward County Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization providing labor relations assistance and collective bargaining services for its members. The PBA’s mission is to promote professionalism in law enforcement and to protect the rights and privileges of individual law enforcement officers and civilian employees, as well as to keep citizens informed of the challenges facing law enforcement today.


March 6, 2014

Commentary – Capitol Report
By Matt Puckett, Executive Director

Governor Offers Additional Pay to State Law Enforcement March 6, 2014

At our last negotiation session, the Department of Management Services offered an addition to the Governor's wage proposal.

Article 25 Section 3 - Special Pay Issue

$3,590,486 is provided for increases in base pay for law enforcement personnel whose rate of pay is below the all-agency average for the employee's classification. These increases, which address inequities in pay across agencies for law enforcement employees in the same or similar classification, will raise each employee's base pay to the all-agency average. Employees whose base pay is above the all-agency average for their classification will not receive a pay increase under this provision.

This is a important offer to assist some of the officers in the bargaining unit, but it does not address the totality of the pay request the PBA proposed in the latest round of negotiations. Our request is not limited to just the officers below the average. However, we are certainly willing to work with the DMS and the Legislature to expand the Governor's offer.

The final pay wage article will be decided by the Legislature during the final weeks of this year's session. We will keep you posted as this issue continues to develop.





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